Frequently Asked Questions


 How much do you charge? 

We charge between 10% and 20% for any additional insurance settlement paid after we are hired. We do not charge for any prior settlements paid before we became involved in your claim.

How long does it take to get my claim settled once we hire you?

First, it is important to state that we cannot guarantee any additional settlement. If the possibility of an additional settlement seems unlikely, we will be honest and inform our clients upfront. Typically, a claim of lesser complication can be settled between 30 to 60 days, whereas more difficult claims usually take much longer.

Do you represent me and my interests with my insurance company?

We will deal directly with your insurance company which takes most of the burden off of your shoulders. We will be your voice when dealing with the insurance company. However , it is important to remember, they still do have the right to directly ask you questions . We represent your interest in your claim as defined in your insurance policy. We will work hard to see that you are reimbursed for all damages as outlined in your policy.

Will I get a larger insurance settlement by using your services?
While all claims are different, the general answer to this question is “We would expect so”! Our estimates are very thorough and based on local Xactimate©pricing [the most used and trusted replacement cost estimating software for the insurance repair industry].

Should I call you before calling my insurance company to file a claim?

You should immediately report all losses to your insurance company then you should call us. You should be aware that some claims are easily complicated by the initial words you use to describe the loss to your insurance company. For instance, in this hypothetical example: The insured returns home after a month’s vacation to discover a pipe has broken and all the rooms of the house are totally saturated. The insured calls the insurance company to report the claim and the adjuster on the phone asks,“How long has the water been leaking?”The insured replies,“It was not leaking when I left for vacation.” The adjuster then asks,“Could it have been leaking for two to three weeks?” The insured replies, “It’s possible from looking at the damage.” After additional investigation, the insurance company then denies the claim for:Constant or repeated seepage or leakage of water or steam… which occurs over a period of weeks,(over 14 days),months, or years. See how a seemingly simple claim can become complicated? Remember, if you do not know, say “I do not know.” Don’t Guess. Give us a call to discuss your claim.

Is a public adjuster needed with every claim?

An honest answer would be “No.” If your insurance company settles your claim as outlined in your policy, then a public adjuster’s services are not necessary. So, if you understand how your policy works and what benefits your policy provides, you may not need my services.

What is an E.U.O. and do I have to attend one if requested to do so?

Your policy defines an E.U.O. as an ‘Examination Under Oath’. If you receive a letter advising you to attend an E.U.O, we recommend you consult with either a public adjuster or an attorney. Yes, in most cases you do have to attend an E.U.O. You should consult policy language to determine your requirements. See Your Duties After Loss.

What is “Ordinance or Law” Coverage?

When your home is damaged by a covered loss, ”Ordinance or Law” coverage pays for increased construction costs to rebuild a damaged structure so that it conforms to the latest building codes. If you have an older home which has been substantially damaged or if your home is located in a flood zone, give us a call to discuss the specifics of this coverage.

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