A Public Adjuster Representing Clients in Arcadia and Wauchula

A public adjuster representing clients in Arcadia and Wauchula.  Experience has taught me  that the insurance  agents in small towns such as Arcadia and Wauchula do their best to take care of their customers. However, there Smith Store Hurricaneare times when the insurance company's adjuster prepares an estimate that may not cover all damages in a loss. The insured will call their agent but their agent may be unfamiliar with the estimating software the adjuster is using. You may then want to call me; because it is very important to understand how estimates are created, how recoverable depreciation and deductibles are applied, and why betterments are rightfully excluded.

Let's also start with a very important premise: You may and probably will have to pay some of the repair cost out of your own pocket. The following items addressed in the policy are the insured's responsibility to pay: The deductible, repair costs over any policy limit, damages excluded, and betterments. As a Florida public adjuster, I cannot assist you in recovering loss of payment due to the above-described matters, but I probably can help you if your claim has been wrongfully underpaid. I can allocate repair costs, prepare an estimate, determine causation, and negotiate a fair settlement, if your policy dictates coverage.

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